Clash of Lights Game S2

Clash Of Lights- has received a massive update of the server, it happened a few weeks ago. But I publish only now, it is worth downloading and playing. I like the piano, you can always compete in it and get a lot of emotions. Many believe that the game is losing momentum, but I do not think so. For example, many are still looking for a server to which new maps are added. That is, the original version lacks new characters, so they are looked for on the side.Image result for Clash of Lights

Clash of Lights Game S2.

The private server has received a large-scale update and the future will be improved. Thus, the developers of this modification prove that they are able to compete with other teams.

As reported by the developers, the server is in the beta version and at the moment is still being tested. You, my dear reader, can help the team and tell you about the flaws of the server. In the future, all errors and minor defects will be corrected or improved.As you already noticed in the screenshot above, the server added heroes and modified maps. Namely, those cards that are slightly modified or added as absolutely new characters. Earlier I already told you that there are different characters in the game that were not added to the main collection of your cards. But the original data was found and successfully saved, for this reason they were used on many other servers.

This server includes more than 10 modified maps, including heroes. For example, you can find a map of the megayritsar, which is planted as a goblin barrel. In the collection of maps also found lava golem, this card was found in the original game data.But for me the most important card, these are the royal recruits, which were added quite recently. This card was added for the first time to Royale server, and after that it appeared on other servers. This server takes the leading place in the list of private servers.


What else is on the server S2?

  • Free gems in unlimited quantity;
  • More than 10 modified maps;
  • You can open chests in unlimited quantities;
  • Combat mode 2 by 2;
  • Added heroes: Queen of Archers and King of Barbarians;
  • The server is always online;


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